3 Tips for Tuning Your Drag Racing Clutch

3 Tips for Tuning Your Drag Racing Clutch

Do you need to set up your drag racing car? One of the most important aspects of car setup is the clutch, as balancing the base pressure and counterweights plays a key role in ensuring a smoother and more consistent car for racers. We can help you tune your drag racing clutch so that it’s set up for high-performance success with our tips below.

Test, Test, and Test Again

It may seem obvious, but the best way to set up the car and tune the clutch is to do as many test runs as possible. In the test runs, you’ll specifically be observing two things with the clutch: the car launch and the lockup of the clutch through the gears.

Adjusting the car’s feel on the launch involves adjusting the static or base pressure of the clutch. Modifying the lockup of the clutch through the gears will require counterweight adjustments. During test runs, it’s best to first focus on the launch and the base pressure setting, see how it performs, and then move on to counterweight adjustments when the launch feels good.

Don’t Forget the Other Components

While setting up the clutch, you can’t forget that the other components of the car setup will influence each other dramatically. The three main components of a drag car race setup are the engine, the clutch, and the traction.

All three components will affect one another when adjusted—if the engine is set up for more power and has enough traction, it’s more likely to have clutch slippage. Therefore, when fine-tuning the clutch, consider how any adjustments may affect the other components and how modifying them could influence the clutch.

Track Conditions Are Key Variables

The atmospheric temperatures and conditions surrounding the clutch are significant variables that every drag racer and engineer must consider. During setup, a drag racing team must understand the conditions of the weather, the track temperature, and the surface temperature to best select the ideal rear-end and transmission gear ratios.

After selecting the gearing ratios based on these variables, the setup can adjust the base pressure and centrifugal weight on the clutch’s pressure plate. The higher the temperature on the track, the greater the deterioration of the coefficient of friction between the tire and track surface, which means less clutch pressure is needed.


We hope our tips for tuning your drag racing clutch help you achieve the ideal setup for your drag race! And if you ever need high-performance clutch parts or kits for your car, like a dual-disc clutch, Clutch Masters Industries can help. Contact our staff to learn more about our products or browse our wide selection of clutch parts online today.