Buyers Beware

It is unfortunate and out of our reasonable control that websites may exist using modified versions of the Clutch Masters name, as well as competitors representing their products as manufactured by Clutch Masters. As with all successful programs, imitators will appear to dupe consumers from their money with the claim that "it's the same product, just a different box and lower price". We have put great effort into building a successful and reliable program for our customers, and want to let you know the truth about our company.

The ONLY website where genuine Clutch Masters products can be purchased directly from the manufacturer is Our products can also be purchased from one of our many authorized distributors, some of which have their own websites, none of which use any form of the Clutch Masters name in their website address. We take great pride in what we sell, as well as our relationship with our customers. You can be assured you've purchased a genuine Clutch Masters product if it's packaged in a box printed with our trademarked logo on the outside and printed materials inside. All packages should include some Clutch Masters decals, along with an instruction/warranty card.

If you feel you've been a victim of this misrepresentation, or would like to verify an authorized dealer, please contact us at 909-877-6800 or