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Sponsorship Proposal

Put briefly, sponsorship is an agreement between two parties whereas one company provides (product) support to another individual or company in exchange for their marketing and promotional efforts. The key to this relationship, from the perspective of the sponsoring company, is the Return On Investment (ROI) a company will receive for its sponsorship support. In our industry, this is typically realized in the form of event attendance and media exposure (print, television and online). A potential sponsorship recipient should be familiar with our products, product features and benefits, company philosophy and history. As a sponsorship recipient, you become a representative of Clutch Masters. Not only should you conduct yourself accordingly, but you should also be able to promote our company’s products in a knowledgeable manner and project our identity. A sponsorship proposal should include several key criteria for serious consideration:

  • Your contact information
  • A brief introduction of yourself and/or your company or team
  • Vehicle make, model and year
  • Vehicle engine combination, including hybrid set-ups
  • Aftermarket products currently on your vehicle
  • Current sponsors