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Hydraulic Clutch Kits

In an effort to help you get the most out of your project’s clutch hydraulic system, Clutch Masters Industries has developed several hydraulic clutch kit components to make sure your clutch is actuating as you expect it to on the street and the most demanding conditions found on the track. Clutch hydraulics can take a fair amount of abuse, but most OEM hydraulic components were not designed to be used in severe situations such as drag, drifting, and circuit racing.

Clutch Masters Industries’ aftermarket hydraulic clutch kits offer maximum performance and control in high-performance situations, such as drag or circuit racing. From stainless steel clutch lines, clutch master cylinders, hydraulic release bearings, and our flow control valve, every component of our hydraulic clutch kit is engineered for the most demanding conditions. Whatever hydraulic clutch parts your vehicle needs, you’ll find high-quality components built to perform and last at Clutch Masters Industries.

The hydraulic system is the direct link between your foot and the consistency and reliability of a clutch. A car suffering from a worn-out hydraulic system can mean the difference between getting the jump on the car next to you, a clutch slipping, or completely missing a shift. Our hydraulic clutch kits are equally at home in high-powered race cars and simpler street-driven cars in which owners search for enhanced connection between driver and machine.

Browse our inventory to find hydraulic clutch kits for sale that fits your vehicle. If you’re unsure what would be best for your ride, contact our staff to speak to hydraulic clutch experts who will help you find the specific components that will best suit your car.

Clutch LinesHydraulics

Steel Braided Line

Upgrade your factory rubber clutch line with the Clutch Masters stainless steel line. The rubber line breaks down over time and use and can lead to a spongy clutch pedal. Our stainless steel line makes sure that doesn't happen and that your hydraulic clutch system is working as it should! This line is a very quick installation and maintains all of the factory hard lines. You will need to bleed your clutch system after install.

Clutch Lines

Clutch Master Cylinders Hydraulics

When upgrading your clutch, don't overlook upgrading your clutch master cylinder as well. Typically the OEM master cylinder will work just fine, but sometimes that master cylinder is old and leaking, just not functioning as it should, or your want just a little bit more crisp pedal feel when operating your clutch. Upgrading to the Clutch Masters X Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder will make sure your clutch hydraulic system is up to snuff and able to handle more aggressive driving.

This is a complete plug and play kit and includes everything you need to install this system. Will work with OEM slave cylinders.

Alternatively, you can save some money and upgrade your entire hydraulic system by adding on one of our internal hydraulic release bearings that will eliminate your stock slave cylinder and give you a complete performance hydraulic clutch system.

Kit includes Wilwood Master Cylinder, 3an stainless steel line, fittings, hardware, billet aluminum master cylinder adapter, billet aluminum reservoir cap.

Anodize color options include: Red, Black, Violet (custom colors are available upon request)

Clutch Lines

Flow Control ValveHydraulics


The extreme performance demands required of today’s performance cars coupled with an aggressive clutch can cause extreme driveline shock loads. The Clutch Masters FCV-2000 (flow control valve) will help reduce shock loads by allowing the clutch to slip slightly during engagement. This is accomplished by controlling the return flow of the hydraulic fluid. This device will not restrict flow during disengagement and as such, under normal driving conditions the pedal release and engagement will not feel different.

Clutch Masters FCV is unique to the market by allowing the user to inter-change the supplied jets without breaking the hydraulic system. Bleeding the system is never required between jet changes.

We suggest always starting with the largest provided jet and decreasing the size as needed. The final size will depend on your driving style and your specific vehicle.

If engagement is too harsh the orifice size is too large. Excessive heat and/or wear in the clutch will occur if the orifice size is too small.

The three jets supplied are marked with a single number 3, 4 and 5. (The 3 indicates .030”, 4 is .040” and the 5 is .050”)

The smaller the orifice the slower the clutch engages reducing wheel spin and shock to the driveline. A larger orifice will allow the clutch to engage quicker.


Hydraulic BearingHydraulics

Advantages when using a Hydraulic bearing:

  • Less moving parts such as the clutch fork and release bearing, as well as a wearing pivot ball.
  • Softer pedal feel
  • Consistent pressure for easier and smoother engagement.
  • Reduced shock to the drivetrain

Unit includes the following:

  • Aluminum Housing and Piston
  • High Speed Roller Bearing Steel Braided lines Aluminum Adapter with hardware