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Clutch Masters Circle Track clutch, flywheel and hydraulic components are engineered and manufactured right here in the USA to the highest quality standards. Years of R&D has given us the knowledge and firsthand experience to choose wisely the best materials and processes needed to manufacture these components that will surpass your expectations and excel on the race track.

Clutch Masters Flywheels are SFI Certified meeting performance standards for the automotive and motorsport industry. Our clutch kits are available as 7.25” twin or triple disc setups that utilize the highest quality ceramic friction material. Not only are all of our aluminum hydraulic release bearings CNC machined in house like our flywheel and clutch components, but they are also Type III hard anodized in house, allowing us to maintain stringent quality control. All of these finely detailed processes and our focus on quality, relates directly into you being reliably competitive come race day.

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