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Unleash the potential of your Nissan GTR with the industry's leading performance clutch. Designed to enhance the driving experience of even the most hardcore enthusiast, the Nissan GTR clutch from Clutch Masters Industries takes your car's capabilities to the next level.

Crafted for high-performance perfection, our Nissan GTR dual clutch flywheel provides a reliable connection between the engine and transmission for optimal power delivery. With decades of experience poured into every component, Clutch Masters Industries embodies the pinnacle of aftermarket clutch innovation.

With the Nissan GTR R35 dual clutch flywheel, drivers can expect a factory OE fit upgraded replacement flywheel.

Don't compromise on performance—elevate the agility and responsiveness with our expertly engineered Nissan GTR flywheel. Learn about our performance upgrades for the Nissan GTR below, or contact our staff to speak with a clutch expert today.

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Item #: FP-GTR-SF
Condition: New
Price: $875.00


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