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Single Disc Clutch Kits
Are you a passionate car enthusiast who’s always seeking to upgrade your vehicle's performance? Look no further! Clutch Masters is proud to offer our high-quality single disc clutch...More Details »
Twin Disc Clutch Kits
Are you a car enthusiast seeking to upgrade your ride's performance? Look no further, as Clutch Masters has you covered. With decades of experience in racing, we’ve developed a line of twin...More Details »
Triple Disc Clutch Kits
Are you looking to upgrade your high-performance vehicle? Look no further than Clutch Masters Industries and our extensive inventory of triple disc clutches. We are the go-to destination for all...More Details »
Are you looking to increase the performance and capability of your diesel vehicle? Look no further than the high-quality diesel clutch kits available at Clutch Masters Industries. Thanks to the...More Details »
At Clutch Masters Industries, we've forged a legacy in providing high-quality flywheels and components for high-performance street cars and racers. Our cutting-edge truck and car flywheels are...More Details »
Within the expansive inventory of aftermarket flywheels and clutch kits found at Clutch Masters Industries, drivers will also find automatic flywheels for high-performance vehicles. Many of the...More Details »
Circle Track
If you have a racing-focused vehicle, whether it’s a car built to take high-speed corners or maximize straight-line speed in a drag race, the 725 Series Circle Track series of products from...More Details »
Conversion Kits
Here at Clutch Masters, we've done the hard work for those who are considering a transmission conversion and are in need of an engine and transmission adapter plate as well as an accompanying...More Details »
Among the many products offered in Clutch Masters Industries’ extensive selection are high-quality flexplates. If you’ve been modifying and upgrading your high-performance vehicle to...More Details »
Clutch Masters Industries is the place to go for hydraulic tools and parts for your vehicle, including our comprehensive hydraulic clutch master cylinder kit. Whatever hydraulic clutch components...More Details »
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