3 Reasons a Lightweight Flywheel Is Worth the Upgrade

3 Reasons a Lightweight Flywheel Is Worth the Upgrade

Adding a lightweight flywheel is one of the most effective improvements you can make to your performance vehicle. Learn three reasons why a lightweight flywheel is worth the upgrade!

What a Flywheel Does

Before we get into flywheels and their advantages, we'll explain what a flywheel does. The flywheel is the mechanical connection between a vehicle’s engine and manual transmission.

Flywheels sit on the end of the crankshaft, just before the clutch, sending the engine’s power to the transmission smoothly. Then, it goes to the wheels. A lightweight, or single-mass, flywheel enables smooth gear shifts and great momentum conservation.

Why a Lightweight Flywheel Is a Worthwhile Investment

A lightweight flywheel is worth the upgrade to a performance vehicle for many reasons. From improving engine acceleration to affordability, upgrading your car to a single-mass flywheel offers plenty of advantages.

Engine Acceleration

The primary advantage of a lightweight flywheel is that it spins more freely than a heavy, dual-mass flywheel. Since the single-mass has less rotational weight than the dual-mass, it increases the vehicle’s RPMs and horsepower more than the latter.

An engine can reach its peak power more quickly with a lightweight flywheel and stay within its ideal RPM range for a long time. This enables great acceleration and a smooth ride.

Engine Deceleration

While the primary concern for lightweight flywheels is boosting RPMs, it also allows the motor to decrease RPMs quickly. This is advantageous because the engine brakes well when decelerating for quick gear shifting.

Performance isn’t all about acceleration and high speeds; it’s also about control and good braking, which a lightweight flywheel enables.

Affordable & Practical

A practical advantage of a lightweight flywheel is its affordability. Lightweight flywheels are simple, which means they’re more affordable and easier to repair and replace than dual-mass models.

You can’t repair dual-mass flywheels; instead, you must replace them, which can be expensive. You can resurface lightweight flywheels to extend their lifespan and save money.

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