2022-2023 Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo Clutch Kits and Flywheel Options Now Available


Now Available | Single and Twin Disc Clutch Kits and Lightweight Steel or Aluminum Flywheel for 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo applications

We weren’t sure what to think when Honda announced back in 2016 that the new Civic EX and Si were going to be offered with a 1.5L turbo engine. We were excited when we heard that Honda was still planning to keep a manual transmission available. Fast forward to today and the L15 engine in the Civic has proven itself to be quite capable with some modifications.

Lightweight Steel or Aluminum Flywheel

In 2022 Honda changed the flywheel design on these cars and went from a dual-mass flywheel back to a single mass flywheel which lightened up the rotating mass quite a bit (around 23lbs for the new flywheel and 30lbs for the dual-mass). Because of the change, we had to come up with some new options for these cars versus the previous years. We know these engines love a good lightweight flywheel so we’re hear to save the day and get your revs back up there with a lightweight steel flywheel (17lbs) or an aluminum flywheel (15lbs).

For the 10th Gen Civics, our lightweight aluminum flywheel has become one of the most popular single disc flywheels we have ever made. The aluminum flywheel really makes these engines come alive and by reducing the rotating mass of the engine, the turbo lag is reduced and the engine is able to rev quicker. Our aluminum flywheel comes with a replaceable steel insert, which eliminates the need to have to resurface the flywheel when it comes time to change the clutch again, you just replace the steel insert.

The steel flywheel is still a great option if you have a daily driver and want something a little more sporty but still are looking for a little bit of a smoother drive in stop and go traffic.

All of our flywheels are made of raw billet 6061 aluminum or 1018 steel and are CNC machined and balanced in our machine shop here in the USA. These flywheels are also all designed to be used with the factory clutch kit should that the direction you want to go.

Single Disc Clutch Kits

Our tried and true FX Series clutch kits have been proven time and time again to be reliable and consistent all while maintaining factory or just slightly heavier then factory pedal feel depending on the stage of clutch being installed.  

Clutch Masters single disc clutch kits are true high performance clutch systems which are technologically superior to anything currently on the market. By re-engineering the leverage, or fulcrum point on the pressure plate with our Hi-Leverage technique, we have been able to increase clamping power, often without changing pedal pressure. Our Hi-Leverage technology allows us to move the pressure plate leverage ring closer to the pivot point. Doing this has allowed us to solve the clamping vs. pedal pressure problem in a unique way. By moving the pressure ring pivot point, our Hi-Leverage Pressure Plates take mechanical advantage of the leverage principle. By moving the leverage ring closer to the pivot point as well as re-arching and precisely heat treating the clutch diaphragm, the pressure applied to the clutch disc is increased significantly without unnecessarily increasing pedal pressure, as is typically the case with other aftermarket clutch options. Moving the pivot point takes several extra steps to accomplish when manufacturing our clutches in order for them to work flawlessly with OEM stamped covers and is something we’ve perfected through over 40 years of our industry expertise.

In addition to our ability to increase clamping pressure without increasing pedal pressure, there are some other key advantages realized when using our Hi-Leverage technology. One serious problem associated with increased pedal pressure is it increases the chances of damaging the crank thrust bearing, inherently leading to crank-walk. Increased pedal pressure can put additional strain and fatigue on clutch linkages, throw out bearings and hydraulic systems causing them to fail prematurely.

All single disc clutch kit stages come as a complete kit including disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and alignment tool.

Twin Disc Clutch Kits and Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kits

For those that are planning to really push the limits of the 1.5L Turbo engine we also offer our 725 Twin Disc Clutch Kit. This kit has been around for years and has found it’s way into some of the fastest EX and Si Civics. It just so happens that the kit from the previous years also fits the new 2022+ Civics.

We also offer a complete clutch master cylinder upgrade kit for these cars as well. Upgrading to the Clutch Masters X Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder will make sure your clutch hydraulic system is up to snuff and able to handle more aggressive clutch kits and driving. This kit includes a Wilwood Master Cylinder, (.750" Bore), 3an stainless steel line (two piece line should you want to add one of our Flow Control Valves now or in the future), fittings, hardware, billet aluminum master cylinder adapter, billet aluminum reservoir cap, and billet clevis. 

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