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At Clutch Masters Industries, we've forged a legacy in providing high-quality flywheels and components for high-performance street cars and racers. Our cutting-edge truck and car flywheels are engineered for enthusiasts who refuse to settle for anything less than the pinnacle of speed and precision.

Whether you crave lightning-fast launches or seamless gear shifts, our flywheels are your gateway to superior performance. Choose an aluminum flywheel for an ultra-lightweight advantage or a steel flywheel for unfaltering durability and heat resistance.

Tuners, engineers, and performance car owners recognize Clutch Masters Industries' commitment to excellence. This isn't just a part—you're investing in decades of racing heritage and innovation that translates directly to palpable gains on the track and joy on the roads.

Ready for a transformation? Browse our selection and dominate the road ahead. Fine-tune your machine—performance is just a click away!

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Flywheels - Aluminum Flywheel
Engineered to redefine standards, Clutch Masters aluminum flywheels stand as pinnacles of performance upgrades for drivers who demand excellence. Our lightweight aluminum flywheel is a masterpiece...More Details »
Flywheels - Flywheel Inserts
As a car enthusiast, you know that every component in your vehicle plays an important role in its overall performance. This is especially true regarding your clutch system; that’s where a...More Details »
Flywheels - Steel Flywheel
Unleash your ride's full potential with Clutch Masters' premium selection of high-performance steel flywheels, engineered for those who demand unmatched quality and endurance. Every rev speaks of...More Details »
Flywheels - Surface Lock

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Audi DSG
Item #: FP-060U-AM
Condition: New
Good in Stock, ETA 1-3 Days
Price: $550.00


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