4 Signs Your Performance Flywheel Needs To Be Replaced

4 Signs Your Performance Flywheel Needs To Be Replaced

If the flywheel for your vehicle sustains damage in some way, it’ll show in various ways on the car. Keep your eyes, ears, and nose out for these signs your performance flywheel needs replacing.

Can’t Change Gears

One sign that your clutch and transmission are experiencing significant problems is that you can’t change gears. There’s a long list of potential reasons why a vehicle can’t change gears, but a problematic flywheel is one sign drivers can’t ignore.

If this is the case, then the flywheel and other transmission components are likely compromised and need replacing immediately. Even if you can swap out the old unit for a new performance flywheel, take the vehicle to a professional to inspect other parts and ensure it’s safe to drive again.

Slipping Gears

One of the most common signs your performance flywheel needs to be replaced are the gears slipping when shifting the clutch. Gear slippage occurs when the driver shifts to a new gear, but the RPMs increase faster than the ground speed, as if the gears are stuck.

This slippage could come from different reasons, but a compromised flywheel is a common culprit. The problem could be oil or grease on the surface of the flywheel, preventing it from getting a steady grip. Whatever the problem, you’ll want a professional to check it out immediately.

Burning Odor

Have you ever noticed a burning smell in your car while driving? That’s never a good sign, and it could be coming from your vehicle’s flywheel.

The burning odor occurs when the clutch plate can’t engage with the flywheel smoothly because it lost its protective friction coating. Without the protective coating and smooth operation, the two components experience excessive friction and heat up, creating a burning toast odor in the car. If you smell burning toast while driving, take your car to a mechanic immediately.

Clutch Vibrations

Clutch vibrations or “clutch chatter” while driving is another bad sign. Clutch chatter can occur for a few reasons, like failed spring mount mechanisms on the flywheel. It could also be from the clutch disc and flywheel losing shape and warping from overheating. A warped flywheel and clutch plate wobble and vibrate, which you’ll feel in the clutch. If you feel this chatter, get your vehicle looked at immediately.

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