The Importance of Timely Automotive Clutch Repair

Why, When, & How To Resurface a Flywheel

Too often, vehicle owners overlook clutch maintenance and repair and focus on other aspects of the car. Below, we’ll show drivers the importance of timely automotive clutch repair, from ensuring safety to saving money.

Stay Safe

The primary concern for automotive clutch repair and maintenance is always safety. The more drivers maintain their vehicles, the less likely mechanical failures and accidents while driving, which means safer vehicles to drive.

If drivers neglect their clutch and the components become compromised, the clutch can fail or slip—causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. Losing control while driving is always dangerous for the driver and other cars, so it’s best to keep up with clutch maintenance and repair instead.

Save Money

Another reason timely automotive clutch repair is important is that it saves drivers money. As with repairing and maintaining any car component, whether the engine, tires, or clutch, the better it’s taken care of, the longer it’ll last.

A clutch that lasts longer means greater long-term value for the owner and less spent on costly repairs and replacements. And if the clutch is compromised or worn down, it can put additional stress on other mechanical components, causing more damage and necessary repairs.

Improve Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Another way that clutch maintenance and repairs save drivers money is by improving a vehicle’s gas mileage. When a clutch has been neglected and wears down, it won’t work as efficiently or smoothly as possible, meaning your car must exert more effort while driving.

The more energy your car exerts to run, the more fuel it burns and the less efficient it is. If you want to save money at the gas pumps, ensuring your clutch runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible is a good place to start.

Tips for Extending Your Vehicle’s Clutch

There’s obviously a benefit to maintaining your clutch, but half the battle of extending a vehicle’s life span is how it’s used. If you want to extend your car’s clutch, you’ll have to take care of it and avoid things that cause it to wear down faster, like always having your foot on the clutch pedal.

Many manual transmission drivers make the mistake of resting their foot on the clutch pedal because it’s easier, but it can cause the clutch to slip, putting greater wear and tear on it. Keep your foot off, and engage the clutch as smoothly as possible to avoid jerky movements and grinding the gears.


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