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Performance Clutch and Flywheel Kits

At Clutch Masters Industries, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality performance clutch and flywheel kits for drivers looking to get as much performance out of their vehicles as possible for over 4 decades. As a premier manufacturer of aftermarket clutch kits, flywheels, and hydraulics, we’re always looking to reach new heights and continually developing new parts, which is why everything we make is built here in the USA.

Usually, performance clutch kits compromise pedal pressure for an increase in holding or clamping pressure. However, our innovative clutch kits provide the best of both worlds by increasing the overall holding pressure of a clutch without making the pedal pressure uncomfortable.

Our team has dedicated themselves to developing parts that allow performance vehicle owners to be able to enjoy their cars and do so reliably. If you want to elevate the drivability and performance of your sports or race car, consider getting a performance clutch and flywheel kit from Clutch Masters Industries today.

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